Buggies-N-Blues Classic Car Show

June 2025

**2025 Date Not Confirmed**

Are you a fan of classic cars and live music? Look no further than the Buggies-N-Blues Classic Car Show! With its vibrant atmosphere, iconic vehicles, and energetic performances, this event has become a beloved tradition in the town of Mandan, North Dakota. It has been a significant event in the city of Mandan since 1993. 2025 marks the 32nd anniversary!

The event kicks off on Saturday with a block party featuring live entertainment. Attendees can enjoy the sounds of talented musicians while taking in the sights of classic cars lining the streets. It’s a feast for the senses, with the vibrant energy of the crowd and the revving of engines filling the air.

On Sunday, the main event takes place as the cars are showcased in downtown Mandan. This is the perfect opportunity for car enthusiasts to admire iconic and vintage vehicles up close. Food and craft vendors add to the festive atmosphere, offering delicious treats and unique handmade goods.

One of the highlights of the Buggies-N-Blues Classic Car Show is the classic car parade, which takes place on Saturday night. As the sun sets and the streets light up, a procession of beautifully restored cars makes its way through downtown Mandan. The parade is a spectacle to behold, with the engines roaring and the crowd cheering. It’s a true celebration of automotive history and craftsmanship.

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