Homegrown Music Festival

April 2025

*2025 Date Not Confirmed*

The Homegrown Music Festival is an annual celebration since 1999.

Nearly 200 local musical acts, poetry readings, visual art exhibitions, film screenings, fire spinning, and even a community kickball game. Each year, the festival continues to expand, with more than 40 percent of its events being free and accessible to all-ages audiences.

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2024 Artists: Sea Smoke Aerial Arts Youth Flyers, Josie Langhorst, Dan the Monkey Man, Minnesota Ballet Academy, Rocking Rodents, Founder’s Day presentation by Starfire, Winzige Hosen, Dog Talk, Mara Lovejoy, Darling Danger, Inga Entheos, The Gavin St. Clair Trio, Gnarwals, The Three Ring Goose Circus, The Shane Nelson Band, Neatneatneat, Willem Dafoe Fan Club, Sidestreet Detour, The Leave Alones, Roadside Casino, The Lindula Brothers, Dre aka Jamaican, Blu Volta, Wes Hadrich, Kailyn & Paul, The Rhizomes, Campfire Tranarchists, Hobo Revival, Merrill Miller, Bellerpuss, Severio Mancieri, Amy Abts, The Emporium, Timothy Martin & the New Norm, The Hot Club of Duluth, Tyler Scouton, Bill Berguson Band, Mint Vintage, Mr. Kickass, NewBerrigan, Grand Holler, John Agacki, MN Moder, The Brothers Burn Mountain, Hollow Profit, Darren Sipity, Woodblind, Hannah Rey, Sugar on the Roof, A Band Called Truman, The Mad Violin Scientist, Big Wave Dave and the Ripples, Ian Alexy, DJ Adub, Coyote, Horse Fzce, Sheila Wonders, The Repairmen, Israel Malachi Orchestra, Berserk Blondes!, God’s Holy Blood, DJ Nola, Flip Arkulary, Father Hennepin, Austin Castle, Wolf Blood, Breanne Marie & the Front Porch Sinners, Ryan Van Slooten, Sadkin, The Trash Cats, Superior Mayor’s Reception, The Old Smugglers, Brinn Major, Greg Cougar Conley, Bigbabyjay, Teague Alexy & the Common Thread, Misisipi Mike Wolf, Boog3ym3n, Thor Leseman, Polkarobics, Sorrows Never Die, EmbalmingEva, The Spin Collective, Kaylee Matuszak, Born Too Late, Nvr Tgthr, The Gemstones, Boxcar, Torment, Stel, Skarlett Woods, Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band, Dead End Friends, The Adjustments, Eldri Snow and the Wintry Mix, Nevins, Big Into, Variety Showcase, The Elements, Anatomy of Ruminants, Grant Glad, Ross Thorn, Raw Space, Zeta Carinae, The Crunchy Bunch, Nate J. Mattson, #theindianheadband, Unabridged, Tim Kaiser, Cyr & the Cosmonauts, Slope City, Discord at Dawn, Youms, Boku Frequency, Vinyl Sighting, Wilbur, C-Silence, Life Parade, Bark Point, Coal, Lovehouse, Port City Limit, DJ Sox, Emily Haavik & the 35s, Black River Revue, Rick McLean, Big Science, The Field Birds, The Iron Range Outlaw Brigade, P.B&J, Rich Mattson and the Northstars, Beyondbliss, Zeb or Zeke and the Run Away Screamings, Zenith Dance Collective, Emma Jeanne, Janie and the Spokes, Sour Venom, Water Cat, The Body Electric Cabaret, The Power of the Puss, Deep Fake Five, Laurie BoeDee, Pronoya, Sydney Hansen, Dirtbike Boyfriend, Duluth Dolls Burlesque and Cabaret Dance, Owls Club Big Band, Smallfoot, Venus de Mars & All the Pretty Horses, Damien, Lesser Planets, The Penny Peaches, P-I-H, Shadows of Me, Reflectivore, Underground ’til Sundown, Cooking with Chef, Indecent Proposal, Bratwurst, Tres Osos, Danny Frank & the Smoky Gold, Southpaw, Four Mile Portage, Bill Bastian, Stardust Collective