Lakefront Music Fest

Friday, July 12th - Saturday, 13th, 2024
Pat Benatar & Neil GiraldoDierks BentleyBTO (Bachman-Turner Overdrive)Elle KingMorgan EvansBerlin
Lakefront Park

Lakefront Music Fest has witnessed remarkable growth in popularity and attendance. In 2012, the festival expanded to a two-night celebration, with each evening dedicated to a specific genre. One night became a tribute to country music, while the other embraced the timeless classics of rock. In 2023 the festival saw an attendance of over 32,000 music fans over the two-days. It has ascended to be one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the Twin Cities metro area.

The festival grounds, located at Lakefront Park in Prior Lake, provide a beautiful backdrop for the festival. As the gates open each night at 5PM, attendees can immerse themselves in the atmosphere and explore the various amenities and activities available.

To kick off each evening, an opening ceremony will take place at approximately 6PM, setting the stage for the incredible performances that await. The festival organizers have carefully curated an array of food vendors. From savory dishes to sweet treats, there’s something for everyone at Lakefront Music Fest.

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