Thursday, August 15th - Saturday, 17th, 2024
Horseshoe and HandgrenadesBecky BullerRussell Moore and IIIrd Tyme OutDon RigsbyHenhouse ProwlersHeartsfieldThe Baker FamilyCopper BoxThe MilBilliesAmadansString TiesJohnsmithMark Hembree BandThe JupesSquirrel GravyPat WileyThe In-LawsAnnie & The OaklesDon Harvey

The festival features two stages of live music, filled with a mix of local and national bluegrass bands. In addition to the music, LarryFest also offers musician workshops.

From rustic camping to RV setups, LarryFest caters to all types of festival-goers. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, LarryFest ensures that your stay is as memorable as the music.

The festival holds a food drive at its gates and donates a portion of its proceeds to local community organizations.


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