Stoneline Valley Music Festival

Friday, September 20th - Saturday, 21st, 2024
Cousin CurtisKind Hearted StrangersChicken Wire EmpireStillhouse JunkiesWild HorsesJoseph HuberThe Biyy Bronsted TrioOld Phone RoadThe MilBilliesKevin Troestler & FriendsScott KirbyBomber $ RedKylar Kuzio & Seth JamesBryce Thomaschefsky Band

Stoneline Valley Music Festival is a family-owned and operated festival, rooted in Christian values. Stoneline Valley’s remote location, wide-open spaces, and stunning views make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s the perfect setting for events that transport you to a world of music, nature, and community.

At Stoneline Valley, the music is not the only thing that matters. The festival has a noble mission: to fight against child sex trafficking. Stoneline Valley proudly supports organizations that are on the front lines of the battle against child sex trafficking. By attending their music festival, you become a part of this important cause. Some of the organizations they collaborate with include:

  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Veterans For Child Rescue

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